Raising Capital

We help you raise new capital for your company. We have experience of the successful raising of capital for both start-ups and already established companies. Our strength as an advisor in raising capital is that all the skills needed are gathered in our team.

Our focus is on raising capital from 15 million SEK and up, we only undertake assignments where we feel that the company and the business concept can withstand the tough scrutiny that an investor will do.

We can assist you:

How we create value in the capital raising process: 


We offer our expertise in different types of financing arrangements. The need for financing can depend on everything from business acquisitions, financing for growth, refinancing to other needs for capital structure changes.

Our role is to assist as an independent financial advisor:

We have a broadly established network and have the opportunity to assist clients in running competitive processes to obtain the best possible financing and solve the client’s financing needs.

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Marcus Holmberg and Therese Paulmarken

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