Have you received an offer?

Have you been courted by an actor, for example a colleague in the industry or an investment company who wishes to acquire your company? It is more common than you might think.

In some cases, it is unfortunately also the case that it is an opportunistic buyer, so it may be good to think once more before you take it all further and perhaps also consider accepting something.

A good way to ensure that the bid, level and structure is market-based or just to actually understand what the bid really means is to enlist the help of an independent player to have the offer evaluated. Effects of additional purchase prices, seller reversals and preference shares are not always easy to understand and see the sum of.

In addition to giving you security in the entirety of the deal and insight into the actual level of the offer, it can also be good to mention to the buyer that you have an advisor, as it puts pressure on them to continue to “play clean”.

We at PAULMARKEN HOLMBERG offer a “second opinion” to you who have received an offer for your company.

Based on this, you can then decide if you want to move forward with the current bidder, place a sale on the future, evaluate other possibilities or perhaps open up for an entire sales process together with us and our network.

“-But it’s so easy to move on with current bidders ..”

Absolutely! But there are some risks as well and you should be aware of that. In addition to the issue mentioned above about marketability, there are also other risks in initiating a sale with only one player. Even in cases where the original bid is good, it may also be the case that the buyer tries to negotiate the offer after an extensive review process by accountants, lawyers and technical consultants. Without advisers or other bidders in the process of opposing this, it may be that in the end there is nothing to do but accept a new, lower price level, which may be far from the original.

We help you to your goal in a safe and secure way and make sure that in the end you get the best possible deal signed!

So, if you are thinking of selling your company, get in touch with us at PAULMARKEN HOLMBERG. Careful and well-thought-out preparations are a must, we want you to place high demands on us and we are here ready to help you.


Therese Paulmarken

CEO & Partner

therese.paulmarken@paulmarkenholmberg.se +46 (0)70-7307811 www.paulmarkenholmberg.se

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