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The question of a company’s value is something that most business owners ask themselves. The underlying causes of the interest can vary from curiosity to serious interest in divesting the company. It may be a pure sale or a colleague that is to be bought out. Or maybe you are in a generational change where one of the children takes over and runs the business?

Regardless of the reason why the company should be valued, it is important that there is a fair result when a valuation is to be made.

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We have extensive experience in corporate valuations. Since our main business is corporate transfers and raising capital, we are constantly receiving valuable information from the market about how prices change in different industries.

We work with different valuation models and adapt our working method to your needs. If you need a substance valuation, we look for different surplus values in the equipment the company owns. If you want to get an approximate value, we can make comparisons with similar companies where we know the value.

Whatever your needs are, you can safely turn to us for a professional and impartial company valuation! Contact us! 

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