Company Sales & Acquisitions

Selling the Company

The planning, preparing and executing of a business transfer or sale requires specific competence, whether it is a smaller company or a subsidiary of a larger group to be sold.
Starting a business transfer must never mean going out on unknown land. Each step must be planned and controlled.

A lot of capital is at stake, a successful process can create a significantly higher valuation, just as a less successful process can reduce valuation in an unnecessary and undesirable way.

In the beginning, the questions are many, questions that are often good to hire professional support to get answers to. Often these issues are not ones that the company’s accountant, bank or lawyer are used to dealing with on a daily basis.

When a company is to be sold we begin the process by going through both the company and the owners situation to prepare them for the sale.

When we can assist you:

As one of our customers you get:

Access to our network of buyers, this includes our international network. By reaching several potential buyers and thus exposing company sales to competition, we enable:

Access to all our experience and expertise to maximize the value of your business. Examples of how we can maximize the value of your business include:

Company acquisition

Through acquisitions, the company can quickly gain new expertise and new competitive advantages. If it is the right match, it is often a more effective path to growth than through organic growth. We identify, evaluate and project manage acquisitions in Sweden and internationally.
Do you want to acquire a company or business area? We can assist you throughout the acquisition process. Carrying out a business acquisition requires careful preparation and knowledge. A company acquisition places high demands on operational, financial, and legal specialist expertise as well as experience from both negotiation and project management.
We can assist you throughout the acquisition, from careful preparation and tough negotiations to signing agreements.

When we can assist you:

As one of our customers you get:

Access to all our experience of preparing companies for a business acquisition. Over the years,the employees of our team have carried out several hundred corporate transfers.

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