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Vi hjälper företagsägare, ledningar och styrelser med frågor och avtal i samband med bla ägarskiften, förvärv, fusioner, utköp och generationsskiften.

Generational Change

Planning and implementing a change of ownership is often a long process over several years. There is a lot to consider. How can my life’s work live on? Want the next generation to take over? 
Sooner or later, families who own businesses are faced with the issue of generational change. Which of the children should become a partner? Should someone from the family take over as CEO, or is it more appropriate to recruit externally? We guide the family to a shift that is the best outcome.

We help you with a holistic perspective, where we take into account personal and relational aspects as well as financial, tax and legal considerations.

Building a family business is often associated with a great deal of personal commitment, but it is not always possible for someone in the family to pursue it. Perhaps there are key people or employees within the company that are the ones most suited to take over. As a strategic business partner, we can contribute to an organizational and financial structure for constructive ownership.

Incentive programs

The provision of competence has therefore become a critical factor in the implementation of a business plan or the realization of a business concept. However, with the right incentive program, you can both attract the right people and motivate them to remain.

An incentive program gives key employees an opportunity to take part in the company’s growth and value increase without necessarily becoming part owner. In order for the incentive program to have the maximum effect, it should be designed with thought and strategy.

When designing an incentive program, you should think through what you want to achieve and what consequences it will have.


Joint Venture

Many times we become involved in a joint venture. A joint venture agreement, as the name implies, is based on two parties agreeing to cooperate towards a common goal. There are many decisive factors to consider when facing a joint venture as a joint venture has many features and the issues that can typically arise relate to what form to take for their cooperation, how to regulate confidentiality and breach of contract and how the influence in any joint venture company should be distributed. 

There are several considerations that must be made when establishing a shareholder agreement for a joint venture company. Basically, these are questions about the company’s governance, what happens if the owners disagree about what decisions to make in the company and how to deal with breach of contract. We have extensive experience in advising and assisting in the development of joint venture agreements.

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